asesoramiento laboral y de rrhh

Take advantage of the best specialists in Labour Law, Social Security and Human Resources.

We care for your most valuable asset: people.

Our specialists in labour and social security law, lawyers and labour law graduates provide advising in the following areas:

  • General and special (management) hiring.
  • Processing employment subsidies and incentives.
  • Advising on all social security regimes applicable to the variety of situations that may arise within a company.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Representing the company in relations with trade unions.
  • Employment and social security inspections.
  • Employment process outsourcing (changes in social security registration, payroll, compliance with social security contributions).
  • Employment regulation procedures: termination and suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours. Procedures to modify employment terms, and workforce planning and restructuring.
  • Assisting and representing the company in arbitration processes and before courts of law (Employment Courts, Chamber for Social and Labour matters of the High Court of Justice, Administrative Courts and other courts).
  • Recruitment processes.
  • Coaching.