Take advantage of the experience and creditworthiness of the largest network of independent international management and consulting firms.

Be with your customers, wherever they are.

We are an independent member of UHY. Established in 7986 and based in London. UHY is an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms that offers an exceptional competitive advantage. UHY allows us to share experiences and know-how with more than 7,626 professionals around the world, to organise multidisciplinary works teams for transnational operations with exceptional quality standards and response capacity, while providing access to more than 275 offices in 87 countries. Our professionals are approachable individuals who offer customised services and innovative and practical solutions to help clients make the right business decisions. The real difference for our clients, however, lies in the UHY culture. The representatives of the different firms integrated in UHY as independent members all know each other, they are aware of each firms specialisation and of the professionals who work there. The partners and professionals of the different firms have a working relationship with each other and collaborate on a regular basis. This union and these ties mark the difference between UHY and any other international network of professional services firms. With the integration of TECNISA CAMPOS in this network, our professionals also benefit from the synergies created by UHY. UHY offers an annual international management/leadership training course that allows us to offer the following services:

  • Market study
  • Identification of competitors
  • ldentification of targets
  • Risk and opportunities analysis
  • Study of the legal and economic environment
  • Study of the financial system
  • Search for multilateral financing
  • Coordination with foreign promotion agencies
  • Negotiation process
  • Letter of lntent (LOI)
  • Due Diligence process
  • Sale Purchase Agreement (SPA) / merger / joint venture